Student Sponsorship

Each year we, together with the help of generous donors, send a whole lot of kids to school! School is not free in Haiti, and the price of school fees, school books and supplies, uniforms, etc, is an astronomical amount to the average Haitian family. We believe that education is so important to the future of a child, and affects not just their childhood, but also their chances of success and of breaking the cycle of poverty as adults. Each summer we choose some of the children we know are most in need either from the communities we do ministry in, or graduates from the formula program, and we try to match them up with a sponsor like you! A $15 monthly donation sets up a child for a chance at changing their life and the lives of their families. Depending on where in Haiti the child is living, this can cover anywhere from half of the school fees, to all of the school fees plus school books! When you sponsor a child’s education, you will receive a photo and some info about your student!