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Help prevent malnutrition & stunting in the lives of orphaned babies in Haiti! Make an impact that lasts a lifetime.

Our Programs

The formula program was created for babies whose mamas have passed away or are medically unable to nurse their babies.

The foster program was created for babies and families who need more assistance then the formula program can give them.

We believe that the lack of the ability to pay for education should never be the reason a child is separated from their family.


Islanka’s mother passed away shortly after giving birth, & she went to live with her aunt. Her aunt struggled to feed her, & when she came to our home at 10 weeks old, she only weighed 5lbs. Islanka lives with us for 10 weeks while she gained weight & fought through several health issues. She was reunited with her aunt at 20 weeks old weighing 12lbs.

Duvenyou’s mother passed away & without anyone able to care for him, he was bounced from home to home. When he came into the hands of his current caretaker, she put him in our formula program. He joined at 7 months old, weighing 10lbs. This is him after 4 months of gaining weight & fighting through various malnutrition related illnesses.

Away with the noise of your song! I will not listen to the music of your harps. But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!

Amos 5:23-24