School support

One of our favorite things is to come alongside Haitians helping Haitians. One of the ways we do that is by supporting Haitians who are running schools in areas where there are no other schools, and where children have not been able to get an education. Institution Mixte Chandelier is a relatively new school in the mountains of Kenscoff. Burdened by the number of children not able to pay the daily transportation to bring them to schools in neighboring towns, a family of Haitians in America and Haiti pooled their resources to start a school. We love the effort they make to hire good, qualified teachers (not a common thing in Haiti) and the fact that out of kindness they allow many students to attend who cannot pay their fees. Unfortunately, this kindness leaves them struggling to pay their teachers each month, and that’s where we come in! Thank you for helping us pay the staff, so that over 100 children can receive a quality, Christian education!